New country and a new PC

It has been a while since I last published a new post here. I still have quite a number of drafts lining up, but has never managed to come around to finish them. Probably I should restart writing with some update on my life and some interesting things I learned recently.

A couple months ago I moved to a new country halfway around the world with a new job (or actually same old job in a different company), and I took this chance to learn to build a new PC. I have had a bit of experience with PC hardware before, but mainly from replacing part from a complete build, rather than building from an empty case, so this would be my first time having to work with a new case and mainboard.

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Javascript Module Loaders

Javascript has a long history with so many changes over the years. One area that has so much improvements yet might still be so confusing is its support for modularization.

This blog post discusses a part of this area, specifically on how to your Javascript source files can be loaded into your application. This blog post also focuses on Javascript on browser instead of other native environment such as NodeJS.

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