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My name is Nguyen Quy Hy. I have just graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and I am continuing with my Master study on speech synthesis.

I have been working with computers since I was 4 years old, and started programming when I was around 8 year old. It is always very fun following the emergence, development and improvement of all the technology around. I am enthusiast in create systems to improve people’s life (including my family and mine), and to create fun games to help others entertain in their free time. Currently I am interested in developing Windows Store, Windows Phone as well as Web apps (it is so amazing and exciting about the way the web evolves) and have several projects to work on in my free time.

My Master research and my current job focus mainly on speech synthesis. It was not easy at the beginning considering my lack of background in this speech processing, but now after getting a hold of the current knowledge and technology, it becomes more and more interesting!

Until now I write code mostly in C#, but I also know C++ (OpenCV and some DirectX stuffs), Java (some school projects) and Perl (my Master research). I also know basics of some other programming languages such as PHP, VB, etc.

You can contact me at nguyenquyhy at live.com.sg or using my Twitter handle @nguyenquyhy.

And yes, and that’s me!
Nguyen Quy Hy

4 thoughts to “About me”

  1. Hi Nguyenquyhy
    I have been playing on your server for a while now and with the recent 1.8.0 update, I cant. it says, and I quote: “Cannot add mod Pixelmon TCG 0.0.15. Please try to add it manually or update the pixpack.” Please look into this for me and possibly re-update the pack/add the proper mod file in.

    Kind regards
    sorry for the hassle

  2. Hi Nguyen,

    I read your page and your work seems similar to mine. I am also working on speech synthesis. I am doing it on the Festival speech synthesis engine.

    I am facing some problems, will you be able to help me with it?

  3. Hello Nyguyen I would like to join your server at some point How would I get white Listed? My Name Is Robert I
    Just turned 14 A Couple of
    days ago and would like to join a server I’d Appreciate it if you replied

  4. Hello, thank you first of all for your work. I installed the flighttracker plugin for my streamdeck (5×3). Then I deinstalled it manually (stopped it in taskmanager and deleted the folder). Now I want to install it again. But nothing seem to work. Neither the auto-installation (ist saying that it Is already installed) or the manual installtion (no plugin when I restart stream Deck).
    Can you help me please? Thank you!

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