Commands with Entity Framework’s migration

Supporting for Code-First and Code First Migration are two of many useful features Entity Framework provides us with. However, as far as I know, using Code First Migration still requires us to open the Package Management Console and type in commands. Text commands are very useful when you want to batch or automate them or save them for later use, but they are really painful for inexperienced users.

I found a very good blog post where the guy lists all the necessary commands with Code First Migration with some extra explanation and comments as well. It should be good for anyone who forget some parameters or forget the command get-help.

Unfortunately, the blog post does not state how to roll back all the migrations (this is different from re-creating an empty database, especially when EF supports multiple DbContext on one database already). I tried to do that when my database was created in EF6-alpha3, and upgrading to EF6-rc1 required rolling back and removing all migrations created by the alpha version. A quick search on Bing get me the answer I need:

Update-Database -TargetMigration:0


Update-Database -TargetMigration:$InitialDatabase

This one and all the commands in the blog post above should help you to work with Code First Migration in a breeze.