CompositeTransform3D in Windows 10

I believe this has been mentioned in several blog posts (such as this one), but I missed one important part, and it took me almost an hour to figure out why my CompositeTransform3D does not give a nice 3D effect but only a “scaling” effect.

Turn out I need to have to put a PerspectiveTransform3D in the container of the element with CompositeTransform3D.

How to prepare a HTML email for your web application

As many of my other posts in this blog, this will be a note-to-self, collecting all the tidbits that I have learned in preparing a HTML email that would show properly (or as expected) in major email clients during the development of my latest application.

Below is a short list of my suggestions.

  • Use <table> and nested <table> instead of <div> for your layout
  • Don’t create table cells with the height of 1px
  • Don’t use <tr> to create top/bottom padding
  • Don’t use <p>
  • Use a <tr> for each paragraph
  • Don’t rely on page level CSS
  • Don’t try to put fancy styles in <a>
  • Be careful when putting URLs in the email content
  • Test as much as possible

There any many excellent articles on the same topic. I will try to collect them here in the future when I have more free time. In the mean time, if you know any good article, or have better solutions than what I have suggested, please feel free to comment below.
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